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MongoDB vs CouchDB vs RavenDB – A NoSQL Comparison

When should you choose MongoDb, CouchDB or RavenDB? Ideally, these three NoSQL document stores could be clearly positioned so that any user need would fall neatly into one of the three domains. But hey, this is real life. MongoDB, CouchDB and RavenDB have their strengths and weaknesses, but they also overlap in some situations. One reason for this is the ... Read More »

Intro to RavenDB – A NoSQL Document Database


Built for query speed and flexibility, RavenDB is designed as a document store into which “you can just dump all your objects.” The driving forces behind RavenDB are Oren Eini (aka Ayende Rahien) and the company Hibernating Rhinos. A key design goal was to “make it a joy to develop applications because (RavenDB) gets out of your way.” RavenDB is ... Read More »

Guide to Document Databases – NoSQL Explained

How do you store and retrieve different kinds of documents in traditional databases that use fixed data schemas? The answer is ‘with difficulty’. Traditional SQL or relational databases have rigidly defined ways of organizing their data. Once the schema is in place, any application using that database can only add or retrieve records that match that schema. However, another approach ... Read More »