Guide to Wide-Column Stores – NoSQL Explained

WideColumn Sample 3

NoSQL Wide-Column Databases The NoSQL wide-column (or “extensible record set”) database has some passing similarity to traditional database in its use of rows, columns and tables. The important difference here is that columns are created for each row rather than being predefined by the table structure. For software developers, it can sometimes be helpful to think of them as a ... Read More »

Guide to Document Databases – NoSQL Explained

How do you store and retrieve different kinds of documents in traditional databases that use fixed data schemas? The answer is ‘with difficulty’. Traditional SQL or relational databases have rigidly defined ways of organizing their data. Once the schema is in place, any application using that database can only add or retrieve records that match that schema. However, another approach ... Read More »

Guide to Key-Value Stores – NoSQL Explained

The information world has changed. Those neatly packaged rows and columns of conventional relational databases are no longer the be-all and end-all of data management. In this cyber-age, NoSQL databases now go boldly where relational databases cannot; yet where businesses and users must. NoSQL (or in fact, ‘NoRel’ for ‘not only relational’) databases are Big Data friendly. They can handle ... Read More »