What Can You Expect to Learn from NoSQLGuide.com?

I created NoSQLGuide.com to be a place where developers of all levels could go to find answers to all of their questions around any of the NoSQL topics.  Since NoSQL means “Not Only SQL” it tends to cover a very vast amount of different technologies and database software.  This can make it very confusing for someone new or someone who has spent a significant portion of their career working with traditional relational databases.   I try to cover as much as I can and hope you will find something of value too.

Over 15 Years as a Relational DB Programmer

My name is James Bryden and I’ve been a .NET programmer for most of my 20 year career.  I’m currently a Sr. Technical Architect for a very large private eCommerce company, where we process over 2M line items in an hour.  (We’re talking some serious database volume) I’ve traditionally led teams towards a very strict and large SQL environment, but in recent years we have begun to transition to NoSql solutions where appropriate.  As the tools have matured, the performance and ROI has continued to increase.  We now look for NoSQL solutions first and have learned where SQL shines and where it doesn’t.  Hopefully, my experiences and learnings from my migration from a large SQL shop to NoSQL can help readers of NoSQL Guide as well.

Did I Miss Something?

Is there a topic I missed or an answer to a question you would like answered?  Feel free to contact me and suggest a topic.  If you are a programmer or blogger and would like to contribute an article that  you feel would fit well with NoSQLGuide.com, please let me know.


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